How A2 web hosting has been working for its customers?

One of the fastest web host in the family of web hosts, A2 has been around since 2001. We have been trusting A2 for their best speed and the most amazing customer support that they provide the users with. You can guarantee your website’s growth if your site’s host is A2. They have delivered us with best and the fastest server speeds.

They have the best hosting plans which you can buy at a very reasonable price. Along with that, this web host is absolutely developer friendly too. When we compare A2 with other good web hosts which operate in the market, we can make out certain differences between A2 and the other web hosts which makes A2 stand out.

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Best features of A2 web host

  • A2 is known for some of the best features which they hold. Those best features are unlimited bandwidth and storage, money back options and also free SSL. When you compare A2 hosting and Bluehost, you might notice that both the web hosts hold reputation in the market of web hosts. After the comparisons, you can come across many reviews.
  • A2 Hosting provides us with many custom-built packages. The free Cloudflare and SSD speed boost solution are some of the best features which this cheap web host have. While the other web hosts have less advanced security features, A2 has a Free Hack Scan.
  • This web host has 1 click CMS install facility. A2 web host has been one of those first providers who offered us with PHP 5 which even supported Ruby on Rails. The company has been always focusing on increasing the customer support and reliability and they have made it their top priorities.

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What makes A2 better than other web hosts?

The optimizations which they have been always working on, it ultimately led to a 300% increase in the speed of page loading. It left Bluehost behind by launching its Turbo hosting platform. This made it even more reliable and famous because of the best features which it can boast of. Those features are pre configures caching options and also it can store twice the memory space which has been allocated.

This has reformed the speed that the web host delivers. With the help of the best caching tools and the most optimized software, the pages of the web host can load in very less time and they can load up to 20 times faster than the average speed of the host. The customer experience is always the top priority. Also, the one benefit which makes A2 stand odd and great is the money back guarantee within 30 days.

When you compare A2 with all other hosts, you will notice that A2 delivers a splendid performance with a blazing speed. Their speed is twice more than Go daddy and Bluehost.

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The goodness of A2 Hosting plans!

The plans in the package which A2 provides, some of the fastest plans are Swift and Turbo. When you consider the customer support option of A2, this web host have a decent list of articles and guides which will definitely help you with the self-help options.

And in case if the self-help options don’t work out, you can always reach out the officials who are available 24/7 through emails, phone and even live chat. This web host can boast of the best and enhanced security options available.

The plans which A2 carries, all of them come up with HackScan and KernelCare. They prevent all sorts of attacks which can happen to your website. We can update the security of the kernels without even rebooting the servers. If you are an A2 web host user, you can easily protect your website from all the malicious attacks. The plans which A2 provide, are the best options for the developers. A2 has been working well some of the best content management systems like WordPress, Magneto, Joomla and Drupal.

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Final Verdict

As you see, A2 is a very compatible web host. It will support you in every stage of your web creation if you choose it as the host for your website. When you choose the web host provider, it is important that these features are included and A2 can be the best choice as a web ho

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