Introduced in the year 2000, BlueHost has been offering 2000000 plus website worldwide which proves that BlueHost has been doing great ever since the launch. BlueHost offers a wide collection of web hosting plans at budget friendly prices. 30 day money back guarantee policy has also been offered by the company to let the clients discover the features equipped.

Bluehost Develops Open Source Script To Update Two Million WordPress Sites

Site loading speed

In order to provide a great experience to the users, a great loading speed is the key factor, also, it will help you improve your website’s ranking on the search engine result pages. In the previous years, it had an excellent page loading speed of 422ms along with a static website using their basic shared web hosting plan. Currently, WordPress has been installed and the loading speed of the pages as been remarkable with a respectable speed of 650 ms. You can upgrade to the advance plans offering high end performance servers.

Cloudflare Content Delivery Network

Great loading speed is important for all everyone whether it be for the owners as well as the visitors, mainly for the e-commerce owners. Bounce rate has the potential to either break or make the reputation of your website. High bounce rate decreases the website rankings and the vice versa. Slow page loading is a major contributor towards high bounce rate, loss of conversions eventually leading to loss of profits. Cloudflare comes to the rescue then, it is a content delivery network that stores the cached versions of the website. Everytime a visitor navigates to the your website, their borwser will be receiving the content via content delivery network closest to their server which results in fast delivery as it reduces the amount of time taken for the data travel. Therefore, shorter distance is equal to shorter travel time

Performance and Uptime

Bluehost is known for offering a 99.99% uptime guarantee on an average, occasionally it is one of the rarest web hosting service providers delivering a 100% uptime. Moreover, BlueHost permits you to cancel the hosting agreements as everytime there is a downtime witnessed without having to pay for the cancellation fees. As per survey, last year BlueHost indicates an average uptime guarantee of 99.97% uptime which is pretty much impressive

E-mail creation

Email platform is mandatory irrespective of you running a blog website or a business website. BlueHost permits you to create a maximum of upto 5 email accounts with the basic plans and an unlimited email address with the various other hosting plans offered by the BlueHost web hosting service provider. Moreover, you can add Office 365 to the Bluehost plans that you have opted for. The 30 day trial is equipped with numerous plans to consider

Security and Back-ups

Giving utmost priority to secure your website, BlueHost web hosting service provider uses SiteLock in order to scan the website and prevent viruses and malware. Also, it performs 24/7 tracking on the company servers

 To Finish Up

Remarkable uptime guarantee, complimentary backups and various other features makes BlueHost easy and quick web hosting service provider.

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