Started in the year 2006, Host papa have experienced a rapid growth. This is independent hosting company that is Canada based. This company is currently providing host papa servers to more than 200,000 websites. This company mainly targets individuals or small & medium companies. Bigger companies are not targeted for a clear reason being as they don’t offer dedicated hosting. If you are looking for services like shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting or reseller hosting then Hostpapa may be the best choice for you.

3 Reasons Why HostPapa Is The Best Hosting To Start Your Blog In 2020

Here are some of the reasons of why HostPapa may be a right choice for you.

Reliability and Performance: Having a great option of plans is amazing but it is not great if your website is never up. The standard uptime of this hosting is 99.97% which is a good number. It is not really possible to have a company that have a 100% uptime. There may be problems arising. However, 99.97% uptime is great, it does offer a great number of reliabilities be it you are planning to run a shop front or run a blog.

Customer Support: The help and support by host papa starts from their knowledge base. They have multiple support articles that are organized according to topics. This is one the best place to start from if you have any basic quires be it how to get started or regarding any add on that you have purchased. If you need any kind of advanced help, you can also contact them through a live chat or a phone call that supports 24×7. You can get best support from their technical team with accurate solutions.

Pricing & Value for money: Host Papa understands how difficult it can get for you to invest on any hosting plans that can cost you a lot, which is why they comes with various options at most affordable pricing. Shred Hosting plans by Hostpapa starts from $3.95$ each month. You can also go for dedicated WordPress hosting which starts at $3.95 each month. For VPS hosting there are different range of pricing tiers that starts from $50 up to $300 each month.

Comprehensive Services and Extras: With offering of finest hosting plans they also offer a high quality complementary services for their customers. There are various providers that offer design services, domains, emails and more. All these services are provided by host papa too but at a higher level. Like, if there are not only selling domains but are also a domain register which is why they have a greater selections of the domain TLD’s at better pricing. The same goes with various other services too. You don’t only get the basic advantages, instead there is a lot to provide.

Conclusion: To conclude host papa is a great option to pick if you don’t have any specific needs that you require for your site. This provider is a great pick for options for all small business or individuals.

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