What is SiteGround?

All the business organizations aim at choosing the best web hosting service provider which can be cost effective as well as a good performer. When the entire business is dependent on the performance of the web host that they choose, it becomes even more important to choose the best of all. Founded in 2004, SiteGround is one of the most prominent and well-acclaimed web hosts across the world. There are more than 2 million users around the globe who are ardent users of SiteGround and they swear by it. There are various types hosting services provided under this web host and it also provides the email hosting services.

Why I recommend SiteGround web hosting to all my clients

What features makes it the best option?

It is really necessary to check out all the features of a web hosting service before you choose them as your website’s host. Along with that considering all the pros and cons of the host can also save you from various future troubles.

The features of SiteGround are really promising and hence people really prefer SiteGround over any other web hosts.

  • SiteGround provides free professional website migration for all your existing websites. This policy is available on the StartUp plans and you can get it done from your existing hosting provider.
  • When we choose a web host, we expect the customer support of that particular web host to help us whenever we are in need. At SiteGround, you will get advanced priority support from the team via chat system and also web-based ticket system. All the issues and queries will be solved right away without any need to wait for a long time.
  • The cloud hosting packages by SiteGround are absolutely dedicated towards your website’s upliftment and they do everything by which your website can develop in a healthy manner. Optimal performance of your website is possible only with SiteGround.
  • This web host provides you with free CDN. With this, you can get a group of free servers which work towards delivering internet content like HTML, JavaScript files, videos and images. The speed is robust and hence everything will be delivered to the users as soon as possible. With the help of CDN, you can always boost your site’s performance level and ensure 24/7/365 web security too.
  • The infrastructure of SiteGround is fully managed and the server software is always working appropriately for all the cloud hosting customers. The servers are always good and there is a specific team assigned to makes sure of that. This helps the SiteGround’s customers to just focus on their business and not worry about other web host related issues.

SiteGround: Last 24-Month Performance Stats + Review (2020)

Shared Web Hosting by SiteGround

Trusted by all its clients and customers, the Shared Web hosting or the reliable web hosting service by SiteGround is really appreciated. It provides easy website solutions with the help of some good packages specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs and preferences.

Since it is a digital world, major businesses are completely dependent on how their websites run and perform on the global platforms. Hence with SiteGround, the users can be absolutely sure about robust sites with the best speed and high-level security. Since the hosting platform is built on Google Cloud, the websites can be operated quickly without any lag and also the server is set up with various custom speed optimizations.

With the help of SSL, all the websites operated under SiteGround are protected and secured all the time. All the data are safe and daily backups are done so that you have your information and data all the time with you.

Operating websites in the simplest way possible is what all we need. Complications while working on your site can lead to waste of time and also frustrations. All the websites are built on Content Management Systems which makes the site operation extremely easy and they come with various features too.

SiteGround Phone Number (24/7 Toll Free) & Contact Details

Final Verdict

As a webmaster, you need not worry about your website’s performance if you have chosen SiteGround as the we host. It is absolutely reliable and they provide stable, secure and super-fast services. SiteGround has been getting great feedbacks from all its clients and customers and it is the first preference for most of the industry experts.

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