HostGator is one of the oldest and the leading web hosting provider strives to make hoosting simpler and affordable for their users. If you find the right plan for your website which can get the site up then there is no looking back. They constantly drive to make improvements for their users in order to provide the best out of best. HostGator high end plans are great and shared hosting plans are the best deal you can get anytime.

HostGator Pros & Cons [2020] - Is HostGator Still a Good Choice?

They have amazing features available at good value, consist of 45-day money back guarantee and more. Let’s have a look the pros of HostGator.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee: With all the factors one of the essential things to consider is the uptime that they provide, you surely don’t want your site to face any kind of downtime which is why choosing a right server is important. HostGator servers are reliable and trustworthy, they also have an excellent uptime which offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Be it any time, either day or night, you should not be facing any trouble for accessing your website.

Full cPanel Support: One of the most user friendly webhost management platform is Control Panel that is available to HostGator users. This panel allows you to immediately see all currently available web management tools. Here it is where you an find all the tools like WordPress installs, forum creation tools, one press and more such which come one click install feature. Be it any of type website you are looking to build, optimizing through cPanel can make your life easier. It is also a number one site in the world for cPanel for a reason.

Easy Sign Up Process: If you are willing to sign up with HostGator, it is simply very easy to switch to HostGator. Even though you are building the site for first time, the sign up process with HostGator takes fewer minutes to complete. They also have an option to directly order domains from HostGator that means you don’t have to worry of DNS data transferring or messing with domain settings. With all the amazing features available, it makes HostGator a remarkable and easy option for beginners and for advanced web developers too.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space: All the shared hosting packages by HostGator comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This means that there is really no kind of limit on how many files you will be uploading or how many people visit your website. Still, if you start using an excessive amount of space and storage, you can receive a notification mentioning to optimize your website. But with most of the cases, the users don’t receive any notification which means unlimited is truly unlimited, here.

Conclusion: This is a great option for everyone who is looking for a hosting that comes with lot of benefits and also is affordable. This is a great option for smaller sites. Although, the support from the team is excellent and have best solutions for the users.

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