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Wix is one of the most creative web hosting platforms which is trusted more than 110 million users and has flourished across the globe majorly in 180 countries. It is an extremely useful web host for all the bloggers, musicians, brides and all those who wish to explore something new and create great things. This web host was found in 2006 and is one of the leading web hosting platforms. Wix is absolutely easy and fun to use and you can create great stuffs out of it.

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Key Features of Wix

When Wix is your web host, you can surely design one of the kind websites all the time. The packages designed under Wix are extremely user- friendly and easy to use. This web host is suitable for all those techies too who want to add some creativity to their website which is already filled with too many codes and critical stuff.

Wix is well known for various unique web templates which have attractive features like drag and drop editing and also full-fledged App market. When you compare the templates offered by Wix with web templates of other web hosts, you will see how Wix is an ideal web host for the creative team which consist of photographers, web designers, ecommerce stores, musicians and hotels.

Web hosting is made simple by Wix. With over 99.9% uptime and uninterrupted services, Wix offers all its users with free and reliable web hosting. When you build any site on Wix platform, your website can only be hosted by Wix.

Different plans under Wix come with different storage and bandwidth measures. Once you start with the beginner’s plan, you can upgrade to a higher-level package as your business grows. Accordingly, you will be provided with much premium features which will make your website perform even better. With every plan under Wix that you choose, you will get –

  • Connected domain with 500MB storage and 1GB Bandwidth
  • Free storage of 500MB and 500MB bandwidth
  • Combo of 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth
  • eCommerce facilities with 20GB storage and 10GB bandwidth
  • VIP features with 20GB storage and also unlimited storage option

When we talk about SEO, we all know that SEO is an integral part of every website. When you choose Wix SEO Wiz, there is a personalized SEO plan which comes along that can improve your website’s ranking on the global platforms. This is made possible with the help of meta tags and memorable URLs. The web host will give you a detailed description about how to do and why exactly it is important.

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Mobile Friendly Web Host

The templates provided by Wix are absolutely mobile responsive. You can always move around and view your sites in your mobile and check how it looks. If you want to make any changes to your site on the mobile itself, you just have to switch to the mobile version of your website and make all the necessary amendments. You can perform multiple actions like move and hide text, move or select images and also reform other page elements.

In order to make things easier, you can make use of Page Layout Optimizer tool. This will help you in editing your site effortlessly. When you are owning a business online, you can suggest your customers to enable the “MOBILE ACTION BAR” and all your clients can contact you with the help of their phone, email or any social networking site.

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Pros of using Wix

  • Various features and quality use
  • Lots of exquisite plugins
  • Reliable web hosting performance
  • Mobile ready websites
  • User friendly experience
  • Industry specific features and functions


Pricing and packages under Wix









For personal use Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Best option for small businesses Everything and more


$12.50/mo. $16.50/mo. $24.50/mo.

·      3GB STORAGE


·      REMOVE Wix ADS


·      10GB STORAGE





·      20GB STORAGE



·      REMOVE Wix ADS


·      20GB STORAGE





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Wix is one of the best and most comprehensive website building platforms. With more than 500 unique website platforms and exotic photo and video galleries, you can build professional websites effortlessly. When Wix is your site’s web host, you can be assured about the website’s functionality along with robust speed and a successful online business. There is surely nothing more optimal than Wix website hosting.

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